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    Founder Seth Chapin moved to California in 2009, wide-eyed and eager to dive into the thriving organic farm scene. His Golden State beginnings overlooking the Monterey Bay at the fabled UC-Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems flooded his mind with inspiration and scientifically-based growing knowledge - and perhaps most importantly a love for cut flowers! He has carried this love for the color, shape, and texture of flowers with him over the past five years, alongside a deeply seated yearning to connect with the land.

    With an ideal growing climate and the agricultural pulse of Napa as a foundation, Seth took note of the scarcity of local flowers in a valley where they play such a strong role in homes, restaurants, wineries, and events. Where are these flowers coming from? Who is growing them? Perhaps, most importantly, how are the flowers grown?

    The genesis of Evermore Flowers* is rooted firmly in the belief that flowers should be grown locally with sustainable, soil-centric growing practices. Many conventional flower farms have traditionally been focused on production - flowers as a commodity. Much is harvested, but not enough is given back to the earth. We should remind ourselves that every seed we plant represents an intimate relationship with the land. A balance between input and output leaves us with invigorated soil that will sustain flower production for years to come.

    Setting aside our philosophical roots, in the final analysis it's clear that local, organic, and seasonal flowers shine in the vase...and Seth hopes to share that radiance with you!

  *  The origins of the name "Evermore" can be traced to the beautiful folk ballad "The Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin. A line within the song reminds us that "The ground is rich from tender care. Repay, do not forget."

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